Wer ist wer?

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Werkleitz Festival 2010 Angst hat große Augen

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Wer ist wer?
GDR 1987

This training film about the need to be alert when dealing with unofficial colleagues draws a portrait of the IM Eva who, after working for many years as an informer, finally expresses a wish to join her lover in the West. The allegedly unstable character of the “traitor”, illustrated here by adventurously edited visual material collated from various sources, ultimately led to the loss of an IM. As the MfS considered IMs the “most important weapon in the fight against the enemy”, the conclusions drawn from this setback are translated at the end of the film into a list of urgent measures that comrades must observe in dealing with IMs.

Ministry for State Security (MfS), GDR 1987, MfS film studio HA II, video, 28 min