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4. Werkleitz Biennale real[work]

Parent Event

“” has been set up as a catalyst and an open library for the relatively young, and so far insufficiently accessible net art community. Contrary to other attempts at open platforms, such as the BBS (Bulletin Board System) ten years ago, profits from a much improved infrastructure. The idea of is rooted in the late eighties, at the same time the server also wants to satisfy the needs of the 21st century – to meet the requirements of a modern search instrument for net art. The connective element in this case is the fact that is not so much a content – but a contextprovider.

The objective of is to provide an entrance for those interested in net art, and at the same time to catalogue and to document this form of art. Like many other net art projects registrable in the open data bank, reflects the momentary state. It is not aiming at completeness, the technical conditions alone make it necessary to point to net art projects in other archives, instead of storing them all together. The physical copying and storing of net art projects, i. e. on CD-ROMs, would already have lost its actuality at the moment of duplication. The goal is not to publish a static range, but to express and to utilize the dynamic qualities of the net. defines itself as a container, which is continuously enhanced and enlarged by the net art community. The focus is not on providing an encompassing archive, but on offering current and high-quality contributions. The quality is judged by the single users contributing to the data. The overall quality, though, is created by the entire community of users. According to Kant, objectivity is defined by intersubjectivity.

The content of the project data bank is not inflated by automatic, and thereby lacking in context, search robots, neither is it limited by the subjectiveness of a single editor. is as good or as bad as its users – the quality of the contributions provides an impression of the current net art scene.