VertragsarbeiterInnen in der DDR

Root Event

5. Werkleitz Biennale 2002 Zugewinngemeinschaft
VertragsarbeiterInnen in der DDR
DDR 1966-1981

This compilation shows the ways the media depicted contract workers in East Germany over a period of 15 years. At the Herder Institute in
Leipzig, people from over 65 countries including Vietnam, Chile, Algeria, Namibia, Mozambique, are taking a German course in preparation
for university study. The fact that they are kept at a distance is clearly shown in these reports: they remain guests who live in hostels, keep up their own culture, and happily go home again after a few years. “They go skiing and tobogganing, some of them talk about their thoughts of home and sing an African song.” (Excerpt from Kinobox No. 3, 1981: “Africans in the Snow”)

DDR 1966-1981, ca. 12 Min.