Trophy Collection

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO

Parent Event

Trophy Collection
DE 2010-2011
Trophäensammlung, Frauke Rahr, 2010-2011
© Frauke Rahr 2011

Installation, various materials.

With her piece “Trophy Collection”, the artist adopts an involved, interior perspective on Baron Maximilian Bernhard Graf von Arco-Zinnenberg (1811-1885), the so-called “Adlergraf” [Eagle Count], passionate hunter and collector of everything associated with the hunt. The examination of the inexplicable fascination for the hunting trophy as an object motivated the artist to start a collection of her own. To avoid the trap of just mechanically heaping things up, the artist resolved to accumulate only objects that were not real hunting trophies, choosing instead branches, metal clothes hangers, light bulb wire, insects etc. At first sight an overfull mixture of valuable, worthless, solid and transient materials. The mostly small-scale founds are simple allusions to the forms of antlers and trophies. The resulting non-hierarchic, apparently non-classified collection manifests, at second glance, a museum-like order bestowed by the viewers themselves.
The author-oriented artistic work is part of the ZOO-Kabinett and will be presented in the rear gallery space.

Installation, verschiedene Materialien, 2010-2011