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Werkleitz Festival 2016 Trans-Positionen

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Werkleitz Festival 2016 Filmprogramm Trans-Positionen
Film programme
Time Travel
14. 10. 2016

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If a video camera is pointed at a monitor that simultaneously projects the camera image, an optical feedback results: the self-recording picture extends infinitely, similar to the escalating whine of a microphone held too close to a speaker. In Filipa César’s film Transmission from the Liberated Zones this effect is less an aesthetic instrument than it is a visual representation of the attempt to superimpose history and the present, media images and subjective narratives, which in the face of new wars and refugee crises all revolve around the same thing: the struggle for a life in freedom. In the films of Guy Ben-Ner, Erik Bünger and Clemens von Wedemeyer, feedback, re-enactment and reproduction are also at the root of an artistic exploration of social conflicts and cultural practices that reflect the conditions of production in the film industry. With a focus on sound and language, monologue and translation in film, the fourth and final film programme also sheds light on the festival’s main theme: radio.

Followed by a discussion with Filipa César. Introduction and moderation: Florian Wüst
Curated by Florian Wüst