Root Event

Videokunst- und Kurzfilmfest Facing the Artwork

Parent Event

NL 2010

Since I was born in the Netherlands, my work has always been informed by the Dutch landscape and the horizon line. I am interested in our perception and how we are conditioned to experience the moving image, specifically how the digital image can be manipulated towards contemporary notions of sight and seeing. TheLoop is a video, that refers to the Dutch landscape-painting genre of the 17th Century. The world of Dutch art, during the Golden Age, serves as a system of values in which meaning is not ‘read’ but ‘seen’, in which new knowledge is visually recorded. The concern of the nature of the image is part of a continuing concern of the verity of the images. TheLoop presents an image of a moving landscape that is broken into a triptych. Image and time are derailed and re synched to create a new landscape.

4:42 min