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Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON

Parent Event

Concert – Techno Tenderness
16. 10. 2015

Berlin-based duo The/Das calls their sound “techno tenderness”, a unique blend of electronic avant-pop sensibilities with an understated melodic charm and clubworthy beats. Their songs can be hypnotic and trancelike, trippy explorations of post rock and dub, or perfect dancefloor comedown epics. The members of the duo, Fabian Fenk and Anton K. Feist, previously formed part of Bodi Bill, releasing four albums under that name and building a considerable fan base. As The/Das, they have recorded the EP Speak Your Mind Speak (2013) and the long player Freezer (2014), both on the Sinnbus label. Their new music has a more edgy, toned-down vibe, giving much space to Fenk’s distinct vocals that move above meticulously crafted, propulsive layers of sound. 

Admission: 5€