The Kaplan Family and the Black Demon

Root Event

5. Werkleitz Biennale 2002 Zugewinngemeinschaft
The Kaplan Family and the Black Demon
IL 1998

What happens when a nice Jewish family’s worst nightmare becomes a reality, and the youngest daughter brings home a boyfriend who is not
one of “us”? What happens when this man, who is not one of “us”, is a black Muslim from Sudan, a refugee living in a makeshift hut in Sinai?
When all this happens to Sara and Micha Kaplan, it becomes clear that the origin of all evil lies in a curse or “the evil eye”. They travel to the “professionals” in Galilee hoping that the black demon will leave their daughter, and that perhaps a more suitable “Shiduch” can be found.
The video accompanies the Kaplans on their painfully honest, and at times, quite humorous family journey. It conveys Liat’s needs, Sara’s
memories of the Holocaust and Micha’s attempt to bridge the gab betweenhis love for Sara and accepting Liat’s desires.

Liat Kaplan/Yifat Elkayam (IL 1998), 37 min. (engl. mit dt. UT).