The Doppelgänger in Horror Films

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2014 Doppelgänger
Lecture with selected film example by Ralf Donis
The Doppelgänger in Horror Films
27. 4. 2014


Ralf Donis (ReferentIn)
Philip Kaufman, Die Körperfresser kommen, USA 1978

The doppelgänger plays a particularly important role in horror films. They instil fear and terror as zombies and replicants, as aliens they represent everything the human protagonists are not or do not want to be and as the undead they open up paths into the underworld that are better left closed.

Ralf Donis (Leipzig), a profound authority and horror film specialist sets off on a filmic search for doppelgänger in the spine-chiller genre and demonstrates in a lecture with selected film examples where the true abysses of this year’s festival theme lay.