The Allens

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2016 Trans-Positionen

Parent Event

Film programme Time Travel
The Allens
SE 2004
The Allens, Erik Bünger, 2004
© Erik Bünger

The Allens presents a scene with the American actor Woody Allen in which he permanently switches between different vocal incarnations. Conceived as a computer-controlled video installation, the work is a commentary on the conventional practice in the German film and television industry of synchronizing foreign films – a practice that Erik Bünger was almost completely unaware of until he moved from Sweden to Germany. Gesturing wildly, Allen – who in his films always plays the same nervous character – appears to speak with the thousand tongues of different dubbed voices. The languages of the world are compressed into the voices of a single person.

Erik Bünger, SE 2004, 2 min