Root Event

Schaufenster in die Stadt Videorama
1. 6. to 21. 6. 2009
DE 1998–2004
Testfahrten, Franz Höfner und Harry Sachs, 1998–2004
© Franz Höfner und Harry Sachs

#1 Opel – Zuverlässig in die Zukunft
#2 Venice by Car
#3 Skoda Elan
#4 Drive In
#5 Roadmovie

Testfahrten shows test arrangements which deal with the experience of mobility. Two “pilots” open up new perspectives for car use and driving techniques. Cars appear as stunt cars or amphibious vehicles, airbags are creatively used and the craft of graving in car finish is demonstrated.

Hoefner & Sachs, DE 1998-2004, Videoloop, Farbe, 15min