Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2016 Trans-Positionen

Parent Event

Film programme Farbige Klänge
NL 2006
Synchronator, Bas van Coolwijk, Gert-Jan Prins, 2006

Bas van Koolwijk and Gert-Jan Prins initiated their collaboration and ongoing Synchronator project during an artist’s residency at Impakt in Utrecht. The point of departure of Synchronator is a self-built, completely analogue machine that makes it possible to manipulate video images by means of acoustic signals produced by an audio mixer. The video shows the first application of the Synchronator: blurry, flickering black-and-white images – the viewer can vaguely make out a room – continually shift their structure to the monotonous rhythm of electronic sound. In its reductive aesthetics Synchronator is reminiscent of the sound-image experiments of early video art.


Bas van Koolwijk & Gert-Jan Prins, NL 2006, 6 min