Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut

The computer animation “Supersonic” shows 100.000 images in a row, 50 images per second, at such a speed that the individual image can no longer be grasped by the eye. The material stems from commercial photo archives. It is unprocessed images that is used as raw material for advertising and image brochures. On the Internet, these stock images are collected and traded by enthusiasts like stamps. Used in advertising, the images always revolve around the same standardised motifs and themes, and incessantly copy each other.

They are arranged according to aspects such as colour, contrast, composition, and motif in this high-speed sequence, and result in a kind of encyclopaedic overall view of the surface of everyday life and the world, which has been visualised by photography.

“Supersonic” is displayed as a screensaver on all monitors in the “Network of Commons” room.