Station 2: Desk

Root Event

Activities presented by Werkleitz for Bauhaus100 Atlas – Im Spiralnebel der Moderne
Station 2: Desk
DE 2019
Atlas – Im Spiralnebel der Moderne, Installationsansicht, 2019
© Werkleitz 2019, Foto Matthias Knoch

In modern times in Europe the desk became a powerful tool in the colonization of both the Americas, Africa, Australia and significant regions of Asia. It wasn’t until the “vast realm of the oceans” was represented and organized in the “small realm of the office” – as the media historian Bernhard Siegert writes – that global companies could operate in the manner and scale that we know today. A direct line leads from the desk of a modern ruler to the computer monitors of contemporary corporate and government headquarters. Nina Simone sings an unintentionally ironic hymn to the bureaucratization of the world through a telephone earpiece: an icon of modern administration (Apparat ‘telephone handset’ 1936). The desk lamp model Helion used by the East German Ministry of State Security illuminates the ensemble. A Rolodex that can be thumbed through like a flip book presents emblems of modern global appropriation which are only seemingly harmless – globe and atlas, map and star.

von Kim Dudek, Matthias Federspiel, Tara Guariguata, Tom Hanke, Daniel Herrmann, Michael Kaspar, Matthias Kaßner, Alexander Klose, Konstantin Krüger, Martin Kruschwitz, Maria Margolina, Max Mendez, Hilmar Prüß, Malte Roloff, Mirjam Schwab, Michael Tomalik, Malte Westphalen