Site/Recite (A prologue)

Root Event

3. Werkleitz Biennale 1998 sub fiction

Parent Event

Site/Recite (A prologue)
D 1989

Site/Recite (A prologue): With startling precision „Site/Recite” moves across and around a table top graveyard-bones, butterfly wings, egg shells, seed pods, crumpled notes, skulls-in a series of seamless edits that present
a continuos flow of detailed close-ups. This taxonomy of dispossession, „little death that pile up”, is juxtaposed to a narration on the linkage between semantic self-consciousness and visual experience.

Site/Recite (A prologue): Gary Hill (US), Video, 4:05 min, 1989
Director: Gary Hill
Actor: Lou Hetter
Cinematographer: Rex Barker