Psychic Tequila Tarot

Root Event

werkleitz Festival 2008 Amerika

Parent Event

Psychic Tequila Tarot
DE/US 1998

Isabell Spengler grew up as a child of the Love Generation. In Psychic Tequila Tarot she plays hippy child, Leila: however hard Leila tried as a teenager, she never, ever managed to shock her parents. In Psychic Tequila Tarot she drives across California in a huge, weirdly decorated road cruiser, inviting in for drinks along the way strangers for whom she lays the Tarot, before playing out their favourite fantasies. The confusion of shifting references – from the lonesome rider through to the clairvoyant or hooker – make both her guests and the viewer nervous: “While for the customers, Leila’s excessive spiritual as well as corporal devotion opens up the possibility of having their repressed wishes and impulses reflected, Leila only gains an increasingly compressed identity by fulfilling and personifying these wishes.” (I. S.)

Isabell Spengler, DE/US 1998, 25 Min., engl. OF