POPHOP (3000Grad)

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON

Parent Event

POPHOP (3000Grad)
9. 10. 2015
PopHop 2015

His treasure chests are filled with black gold and glistening silver discs that hold a vast collection of acoustic tales… Like a buccaneer, Pophop is right in his element when cruising through the sound waves of that endless ocean named music, always in search of new melodies. The haul he brings to his home port – the German artist collective 3000Grad – is an eclectic mixture of East European folklore, dubby grooves, tropical joys and multicoloured electronic sound pearls. With these precious treasures, the bearded vagabond lures the dance floor out of the grey mist of the everyday, and takes his listeners on an exciting adventure trip full of daring zest for life.