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Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO
Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO
15. 10. 2011
DE 2011
Piotr Baran, Playstation, 2011
© Piotr Baran 2011

Playstation, performed at the elephant house at Halle Zoo, was created by Piotr Baran especially for the festival and tailored to the particularities of the space.

The dancers Sayo Shiba, Jeanna Serikbayeva und Denise Noack appeared in the middle of the audience in the enclosure usually reserved for elephants. Costumed in hub caps, plastic piping, cables and adhesive tape, they annexed the topography of the enclosure in the consecutive stations of a dance choreography, incorporating pipes, plastic objects and roping from the space itself.

Projections and enclosure gates together with the choreography and the instructions of the artist Baran from off stage played with spatial perception and with the notion of the behavioural enrichment of the zoo as an artificial living space.

Pjotr Baran, Performance