Piccolo Mondo

Root Event

Piccolo Mondo
3. 6. 2009


Franz Höfner (ReferentIn)
Harry Sachs (ReferentIn)
Fremdenverkehrsamt, 2000

The Berlin-based artist duo is known in particular for their work on the topic of human housing. They investigate common forms of living from various angles critisize on mainly passive design processes which people have usually adapted to in their lives.
Some examples from their recent activities are a contribution to the Stadterkundungsparcours X Wohnungen at Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin (2005), a show course of sample houses for the Musterhausausstellung Kuchen Immobilien (2000) or the work Neubau (2008) which portrays popular strategies of suppression in the context of neighbourhood refurbishing and renovation in German cities. For the exhibition Neuhaus which had been initiated by Kultur/Block Hoefner & Sachs developed Wohnerlebniswelt (2003) and installed a compressed furniture landscape into an empty block of flats in Halle-Neustadt. Their final piece in connection with Werkleitz was the installation erikaLand (2008) for Werkleitz Festivals AMERIKA.