Kathrin Passig

Kathrin Passig
DE 1970
Kathrin Passig
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Kathrin Passig is a Berlin-based author of non-fiction and essays and a lecturer. In 2006 she was awarded both the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize and the Audience Award at the Festival for German-Language Literature in Klagenfurt, Austria. Together with several hundred authors, she writes about everyday technologies and the ways they are changing at the collaborative blog techniktagebuch.tumblr.com. In 2019 the blog received the Grimme Online Award. The jury’s statement: “Kathrin Passig and Anne Schüßler have created a unique online location. A timeline that documents the changes, advances and intricacies of the relationship between humans and machines. (...) With its impressive longevity the project is an extraordinary project.”

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