José Luis de Vicente

José Luis de Vicente
José Luis de Vicente
© José Luis de Vicente

Curator and cultural researcher. He researches the current and future impact of social and technological innovation through artifacts, objects, and narratives that explore emerging social and political scenarios. His projects are strongly anti disciplinarian, creating contexts of collaboration and dialogue between artists, designers, architects, technologists, scientists, activists, and communities.

He is the curator of Sónar +D, the congress of digital culture and technologies of the Sónar Festival of Barcelona. He was cofounder and codirector of Tentacular, a new festival of Critical Technologies and Digital Adventures in Matadero (Madrid), and is member of the programming team of Llum BCN, the light festival of Barcelona. He has curated several exhibitions, in and outside of Spain, such as “Big Bang Data” and “After the End of the World” (both at the CCCB), “Atmospheric Memory” (Manchester International Festival), “Máquinas y Almas” (Museo Reina Sofia Madrid), “Playtime: Videogame Mythologies” (Maison D’Ailleurs, Suiza), and others. He teaches at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IaaC).

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