Panel The long night of the crime

Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut

Parent Event

Panel The long night of the crime
4. 9. 2004


Rachel Baker (ReferentIn)
Craig Baldwin (ReferentIn)
Hans-Christian Dany (ModeratorIn)
Jeroen Jongeleen (ReferentIn)
Robert Luxemburg (ReferentIn)
Kobe Matthys (ReferentIn)
Sjoera Nas (ReferentIn)

The panel on the Long night of crime deals with the potentials of individual and collective artistic and activist practices that question systems of order under the conditions of globalisation. Subversive and interventionist strategies in commercialised and privatised urban and media spaces will be presented and discussed. These include new forms of distributing information, graffiti campaigns, temporary interventions, and collective uses of spaces the ownership rights of which are not determined. What the presented strategies and projects have in common is that they either operate in a space ‹without law› or deliberately seek a confrontation with the dominating law enforcement in the sense of a negotiation process. Questions that are raised in this context include, to what extent the legal situation (especially in regard to immaterial goods) contains dead, that is unenforceable laws.
The discussion will be held in English.


Hans-Christian Dany (DE), artist and publicist