Panel Public Production

Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut

Parent Event

Panel Public Production
2. 9. 2004
DE 2004


Rachel Baker (Mitwirkende(r))
Andreas Broeckmann (ModeratorIn)
Honor Harger (RespondentIn)
Olivier Schulbaum (RespondentIn)
Pit Schultz (RespondentIn)


The public sphere is a terrain of free and conflictual forms of expression, a physical or medial space in which cultural and public discourses can unfold as much as different forms of action, cooperation and conflict. However, not every new medium will also immediately engender an expansion of the public sphere. On the contrary, technical media can effect a limitation of the public sphere when the forms of agency that they facilitate either predetermine the content they can convey, or homogenise communication, or reduce the friction that exists in social relations. In extreme cases one could speak of ‹negative public-machines› which negate or siphon off the characteristics of the public sphere. The panel will raise the question in which cases technical media and their applications extend the potentials of the public sphere, and in which cases they don’t.
The discussion will be held in English.
The event is organised in cooperation with transmediale, Berlin.


Dr. Andreas Broeckmann, transmediale (DE) http://www.