Based in Halle, the Werkleitz-Centre for Media Art facilitates the production and presentation of new media art projects encouraging social and artistic issues.

The Centre’s work consists of three major strands:

Werkleitz produces film and media art festivals and other events in various formats, including the Werkleitz Festival, monthly art presentations and regular video-installations.
With the European Media Artists in Residence Exchange (EMARE), the Supported Artist programme, A38-Production Grant, Werkleitz-Project Grant and Mexico scholarship in cooperation with the European Media Art Network or the International Documentary Film and Video Festival Kassel and other public funding bodies it awards scholarships and grants to individual artists active in the media arts field.
It provides resources as well as expert advice on artistic and technical aspects of film and video production, especially within the Professional Media Master Class 2011 for documentary filmmaker talents.

Werkleitz also works in collaboration with other regional, national and international project partners to develop exhibitions and conferences. Werkleitz co-founded the Initiative for Talents in Film and Television in Central Germany and the Contemporary Art Initiative of Saxony-Anhalt. As well it initiated and coordinates the European Media Art Network.

Werkleitz is supported with funds of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt.


The management board of the Werkleitz-centre for media art is the Werkleitz Society, a non-profit cultural association. Its members are active in the fields of experimental and documentary cinema, media arts, digital culture and constitute a lively creative network. Members can access the Werkleitz Society’s resources at reduced rates and also take an active role in its development, for example by participating in the AGM (annual general meeting) or in various advisory panels – or simply, by investing their personal creative energies. Whether you wish to realise an artistic project, support our programme of events or take an active role in our activities, you too can benefit from our structure.

The membership amounts an annual fee of 40,00€. A concession rate for the annual membership is 20,00€.
Membership fees and donations are deductible from your taxes!

To become a member, download the application form (in German only).