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Werkleitz Festival 2012 .move forward
Werkleitz Festival 2012 .move forward – new mexican and european media art

Mexico has attracted the attention and imagination of generations of Europeans, among them such famous artists as Luis Buñuel, Sergei Eisenstein and Antonin Artaud. At the same time, Europe has long been an important point of departure for cultural developments in art and design, inspiring great Mexicans like Diego Rivera.
The accompanying film programmes reiterate the juxtaposition of inside and outside perspectives corresponding to the opposition of the native and the outsider gaze. In addition to Sergei Eisenstein’s famous unfinished work ¡Qué viva México! with live music from the Mexican cult band Sonido Changorama, the two programmes of artistic short film México afuera (Mexico from Outside) und México adentro (Mexico from Inside) portray and anatomise the fascinating ambiguities of the country.