Naïve Melody

Root Event

werkleitz Biennale 2006 Happy Believers

Parent Event

Naïve Melody
US 2002

"There is one theory that this place is about sleep, and there is another theory that this place is about torment.” Kerry Tribe’s Naïve Melody pans a lush Floridian jungle as we listen to an Amish poet that tells one version with different variants of where we might go from here, as a meditation on the afterlife. “It’s fascinating to me that the people who believe that this place is a place of torment, putatively also believe that this place could be a place of sublimity, and of joy. It’s fascinating because those same people don’t tend to talk about that so much as they tend to talk about fire.”

Kerry Tribe is interested in the partial truths of documentary and their disclosures of fiction. Her work often investigates the grey areas between the authentic and the scripted or the collective and the idiosyncratic.

Kerry Tribe
US 2002, 4 min, engl