Mörtelbiene (AT)

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Werkleitz Festival 2022 Mehr oder Weniger

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Werkleitz Festival 2022 Mehr oder Weniger Ausstellung
Mörtelbiene (AT)
DE 2022
Teaser Mörtelbiene (AT)
© Felicitas Fäßler

To the southeast of Hettstedt, surrounded by tiny slag heaps that are the legacy of pre-industrial mining activities, the Machine Memorial sits enthroned. It commemorates the first German steam engine of Watt's design, which went into operation in 1785 in what was then a Prussian copper mining precinct. At the monument, Felicitas Fässler observed a mason bee building its nest. Over the course of several days, it cemented together grains of sand and dust particles in a corner of the relief on the memorial; a small hole gave it access to the interior of the nest. Inspired by the work of the small creature, Felicitas Fässler draws parallels between the insect's building activities and the work of the miners, under the working title Mörtelbiene (Mason Bees). The bees make their homes in places where people have settled – they like the walls of houses, dug-out material and pits best of all.