Mit beiden Füßen auf der Erde

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Werkleitz Anniversary Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden

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Mit beiden Füßen auf der Erde
BRD 1959
Mit beiden Füßen auf der Erde, 1959, © DIE WAAGE / Loriot

The association “DIE WAAGE. Gemeinschaft zur Förderung des sozialen Ausgleichs e. V.“, which existed from 1952 to 1965, was an informal circle of industrialists who aimed to sustain a social market economy and preserve the conservative majority in the federal government with the help of communication campaigns. Mit beiden Füßen auf der Erde, WAAGE’s last advertising film, was authored by Loriot. Eugen Roth wrote the following commentary, drawn from his Ein-Mensch poems: “That’s what man is (we know it late): / The master of his personal fate. / Instead of poorly toddling off / He suddenly is better off. / Gets what he wants initially / In social market economy.”

col, 3 min