Root Event

Filmprogramme 17. und 18. Oktober, jeweils 19:00 und 21:00 im Zazie Neustadt und die neuen Städte

Parent Event

DE 1973
Mietersolidarität, Max Willutzki, BRD 1970
Courtesy of Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv

Between 1963 and 1974, „Märkisches Viertel“ was built as an housing estate in the north of west Berlin for 60.000 people. Due to large rents and insufficient infrastructure, quickly social problems came up, and the former flagship project has fallen into disrepute. In context of the student movement, the MV occured to be predestined for criticism against the capitalist city construction and its effects. Social research projects devoted themselves to the quarter, adventure playgrounds were built and a monthly magazine made by the inhabitants was founded. The former dffb student and film maker Max Willutzki moved to MV in 1969 himself, and together with Christian Ziewer et. al., they documented the political quarter work in short- and long films called „Kinogrammen“. Mietersolidarität shows how the task force ‚Mieten und Wohnen’ can prevent the removal of the large family Puhle.

Max Willutzki, DE 1970, 13 min