Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut

Parent Event

Filmprogramm Stadt von morgen
NL 1999

Can we understand the contemporary city at a moment when globalization has exploded its scale beyond our grasp? Have we lost control of ist quantities, or can we analyze its components and manipulate them? Imagine a city that is described only by data. A city that wants to be explored only as information. A city that knows no given topography, no prescribed ideology, no representation, no context. Only huge, pure data: MetaCity/DataTown. The video is based on a video installation of the same title, first exhibited in 1999 at Stroom – Haags Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Den Haag.

NL 1999, Video, 10:30 min, engl. OF