Root Event

Videokunst- und Kurzfilmfest Facing the Artwork
11. 6. 2011


Kika Nicolela (KünstlerIn)
Eszter Szabó (KünstlerIn)
Maria © Eszter Szabó

This programme could also be emphasized with an exclamation mark. First of all, it calls for self consciousness, to occupy oneself with oneself. But the search for the (artistic) me is mostly a contemplative journey, no matter how humorous or experimental it might be. Questioning himself is the v-belt, which goads the viewer not only to be a voyeur. This programme examines the big question of the identity of the artist in a road-movie, in a dialogue as well as in a soliloquy in front of the camera.

“Me?” starts with a video, which also contains a question mark in its title: “What Do You Think Of Me?” It begins like a self portrait of the Brazilian artist in front of the camera, but it emerges, that she is recorded by different Finnish persons, who describe her and speak to her from the off. It’s a journey without moving, which shows different views, independent from cultural and geographic boundaries.

“Dresden Hand” is a road movie of quite a different nature: It’s a collage of texts and partly surrealistic footage, reflecting the stay of the Bulgarian artist in Dresden. He discovers the details of the city in close-ups, nearly like a blind person with his hand, commenting it ironically.
There is also an ironic seriousness about “Maria”, a painted portrait, which is not satisfied with itself and its painter. Within a short time, she awakes a whole imaginary oil painting world to life, through referring to better portraits of her friends. The simple animation celebrates the power of moving images exactly through the economy of the movements.

“Film about Unknown Artist” is about the question of being an artist and already the title shows an essential paradox. Where does the self consciousness of an artist come from? Where does inspiration, the magic of art, come from? The artist discovers personal, religious and national symbols in a road movie through her home country Lithuania and captures them with a super 8 camera.
The last contribution of this programme, “Lecture (Contemporary Art for Parents)”, traces the topic of art and personality in a direct dialogue. The artist talks to her parents about the international art scene and the reasons, why one should occupy oneself with art. The entertaining lecture is not only for her relatives, but for everybody, who is interested in art.

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Eike Berg