materia troïka

materia troïka
1. 1. to 31. 12. 1995 1993
DE 1994-1995

Graded information ≈ deconcentrated time

An exhibition project of Werkleitz 1994/1995

The development and creation of three multimedia installations by three independent artist groups from Halle, Dessau and Werkleitz (with additional participation of South German and French artists) and their presentation in the form of a traveling exhibition in Dessau, Halle (Saale) and Schönebeck. Grading as a gradual concentration of informative material is a possibility of manipulative disinformation, particularly in the age of communicative systems and their networking. The flood of images in the entertainment and information media is countered by an artificial / artistic regradation of information units in order to make the seemingly unseen between the (image) lines transparent again. Three groups of artists from three regions of Saxony-Anhalt examine the interaction of the components human ≈ environment ≈ nature in different stages of differentiation and deal with their specific regional structures, industrial landscapes and historically evolved contexts. A special focus is the change (destruction) of places (nature, environment, city) by the movement (development) of man.


materia troïka 1995: Gradierte Information – dekonzentrierte Zeit

Uwe Büchler, Dagmar Varady-Prinich, Thomas Munz & Oliver Blomeier

With texts by
Martin Conrath, Günther Kowa

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