L'Eau du Guide

Root Event

werkleitz Biennale 2006 Happy Believers
L'Eau du Guide
FR 2004

The book Report of an Astral Traveller tells about a person who travels to a parallel world, with the help of mediation, and in a kitschy d?cor, meets a spiritual leader with a completely blue head. This little book made me laugh and touched me also.
It’s emotionality mixed with cynicism motivated me to make this short film. I stuffed chickens with straw; they symbolically represent mediating people. I placed them in the position of listeners. They absorb the words of the leader who attempts to communicate the beauty of the world and the importance of water on earth to them.

Léopold Rabus is as an artist mainly working with paintings and installations.

Léopold Rabus
FR 2005, 17 min, französisch mit engl UT