Künstliche Tiere

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Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO

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Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO Forum ZOO-Natur

Root Event

Künstliche Tiere
23. 6. 2011


Markus Ambach (KünstlerIn)
Christina Wessely (ReferentIn)
Markus Ambach & Christina Wessely, Künstliche Tiere, 2011
© Markus Ambach, 2011

In this work Markus Ambach investigates how nature reveals itself in city space. He argues that zoo is the universal typology of any metropolis. In her book Künstliche Tiere Christina Wessely describes how items in urban space are addressed to as natural although blends of culture and nature are aimed to be avoided. The last chapter of the book cites Bernard von Brentano: „Everything that comes to you, and if it came from the end of the world, essentially comes from yourselve.”