Künstlergespräch Spirituelle Bildergeschichten

Künstlergespräch Spirituelle Bildergeschichten
7. 9. 2006


Anke Hoffmann (ModeratorIn)
, ,
Markus Markowski (FilmemacherIn), Markus Markowski (RespondentIn)
Monika Oechsler (FilmemacherIn), Monika Oechsler (RespondentIn)

A conversation with the artists Monika Oechsler and the artist duo Korpys/Löffler, moderated by Anke Hoffmann.

Monika Oechsler produced for the Werkleitz Biennale a new video work: There Is Only One Life. In the mixing of fictional characters based on figures from ancient myths, spiritual influences, popular and historical text fragments, and as a location London’s City, she develops a complex symbiosis that reflects the expression of our modern lifeworld. The artist speaks of the multiple thematic elements and references in her latest work.

During their stay at Rome’s Villa Massimo, Andrée Korpys and Markus Löffler for a year accompanied the now deceased head of the Roman Catholic Church with the camera. For a Life After Death can now seen as part of the biennial. In the conversation, Korpys/Löffler will talk about how their film documentation emerged, their way of working and the longing for immortality.