Im Ruhrgebiet [In the Ruhr]

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Im Ruhrgebiet [In the Ruhr]
SE 1967
Im Ruhrgebiet, Peter Nestler, 1967
© Peter Nestler, Kinemathek

In the Ruhr (original title: Röster från Ruhr) is the first film for Swedish television directed by Peter Nestler. It casts a sobering look on Germany and its fascist past, while documenting the lost struggle of the worker’s movement and the structural change in the coal mining region. “In the Ruhr is one of the most revolting glimpses of German reality I have ever caught on screen. The reality of the Ruhr, the reality of German communism, the reality of Nestler, the filmmaker, whom all of us have collectively expelled from this country – German television, by depriving him of work, the [Young German] Film Committee, by refusing to fund his work, the critics, by failing to acknowledge it but for a few condescending remarks at best.” (Enno Patalas, 1968)

Peter Nestler, SE 1967, 34’