I Love Europe, She Does Not Love Me Back

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO

Parent Event

The Virtual Online Film Programme for the Werkleitz Festival ZOO Pet in the Net – das virtuelle online Filmprogramm
I Love Europe, She Does Not Love Me Back
RU 1996

The artist Oleg Kulik imitates a dog naked. He is surrounded by a troop of Berlin police dogs. The title contains a reference to Joseph Beuys’ famous performance “I like America and America likes me”, in which Beuys spend a week living together with a wild coyote in a New York gallery. The allusion also applies to the physical interaction with the ‘real’ dogs. Kulik goes so far as to include real bites. In this case, it is Kulik himself who introduces aggression into the game, whereas in Beuys case it was the coyote.

Oleg Kulik, RU 1996, 5 min, col