Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2022 Mehr oder Weniger

Parent Event

Werkleitz Festival 2022 Mehr oder Weniger Ausstellung
DE 2022
Modellbau Hühnerstall-Ensemble
© Gregor Müller

"The goat is the miner's cow," as one often hears in Mansfeld Land. Stables and sheds as improvised workshops for maintaining equipment, house and garden were built next to the smelters at the edge of the miners' small kitchen gardens. Molmecker Strasse, like other locations in the region, is full of such architectural testimonies. When they were no longer needed for reasons of self-sufficiency, they were replaced or extended as double garages, aviaries for pet birds and hobby rooms. With Hühnerstall-Ensemble, Gregor Müller reconstructs a sophisticated architectural entity created by the former residents of the Werkleitz guest house in Hettstedt. Through models and drawings, he comes closer to their scarcity-driven inventiveness, technical skill and will to create.