Since 2008, the Werkleitz Festival replaces the previously successful Werkleitz Biennale. The annual festival increases the regional presence of Werkleitz. The flexible format, which can be recombined in different ways, includes themed collaborations, curated film programs and exhibitions as well as the presentation of grant holders from our international art exchange programs.


The Werkleitz Biennale was launched in 1993 with the intention of presenting different artistic disciplines on an equal level: Film, music, performance, visual arts and internet-based art. Based on the interest in reflecting social phenomena with and through art and to promote their discussion, the creators of the Biennale experiment with different formats and organizational models.

The Werkleitz Biennale is the first biennial in Germany and the first in the world to be held in the countryside. It was presented as the "documenta of the East" by Ulrich Wickert in the Tagesthemen in 2002 and was awarded the International Art Critics' Prize in the same year. The Werkleitz Festival, which has been held annually since 2008, is the successor to the Werkleitz Biennale.