Extended Play…with Heatsick

Root Event

Werkleitz Anniversary Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden
Extended Play…with Heatsick
12. 10. 2013
Heatsick, © Josephine Pryde

“I’d rather avoid idealism and concentrate on what’s happening.” Heatsick

Shaman or space pilot, melodic-rhythmic mantras or repetitive minimal beats? However you choose to describe Heatsick and his sound, alone with his Casio keyboards, he goes on a trip into a new universe of electronic dance music. His loops are drawn-out over hours; deformed, reduced, and melted into one another, sending in comets of house and funk, musique concrète and psychedelic A hefty fissure is torn into the space-time continuum and the dance floor is transmogrified into a wormhole – a tunnel into a new dimension, filled with glittering lights. Welcome to the pleasure vortex.