Das Gedächtnis der Frau in Weiß

Root Event

2. Werkleitz Biennale 1996 Cluster Images
Das Gedächtnis der Frau in Weiß
DE 1995

Interactive image- and text-database in the WWW to be set up as an installation consisting of a videotrailershow in a frontroom and a seclusive user-terminal in the back.

The topic is a multifaceted chimaera of everchanging identity with one or two traits that will always remain the same: she will always wear white, and she is very likely to be victimized. Since she is also amnesic, the objective of the adventure is to reassemble her fragmented identity from various traces to be found both in her hotelroom and in the connected database; thereby unraveling the threads of a horrible crime she must have witnessed.

But the puzzle-pieces can fit in more than one place, and to defeat the amnesic womans panic, it becomes necessary to follow her schizophrenic reasoning. Only then a secret pattern becomes gradually visible behind such seemingly unrelated facts and dates as the knife-attack on German candidate for chancellor, Oskar Lafontaine in 1990, the unresolved death of German Christian Democrat Uwe Barschel in a Geneva hotelroom in 1987, the murder of empress Sissi of Austria in that same hotel some hundred years ago, and the huge terrifiying complex of the secret subterranean factories, reaching from the Stasi’s hotel Neptun in Rostock all the way to the meat- and hormone-factories owned by a former Strauß-intimus in Bavaria …

It is only through the Lost Memories of the Woman in White that any conclusions can be drawn in this paranoid maze of carefully researched facts and schizophrenic fictions … The Lost Memories … on WWW can be accessed both in a photo-novel-style clickable multiple-choice-image-environment, circling around the woman waking up in a hotelroom; and in a database of newspaper- and movie-clipping on woman in white and their deeds and insights in general.

Autor des Textes

Martin Conrath

Video- Internet-Installation