Cultivated landscape as ZOO-Nature

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Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO

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Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO Forum ZOO-Natur
Fahrradexkursion durchs Saaletal
Cultivated landscape as ZOO-Nature
5. 6. 2011
Fahrradexkursion durchs Saaletaal
© Werkleitz 2011
Karte Kulturlandschaft als Zoo-Natur
© Werkleitz 2011

Wild animals – lamas, ostriches and dairy cows right alike the ones on the milk bottle – primal nature – pastures, meadows with rape, locust groves and age-old oaks, of such kind is the imagery of an idyllic tour along Saale river. The bicycle tour leads through a landscape which for centuries has been hand-made and lovingly cared for. 

The bicycle excursion was leading through the national park Lower Saale Valley. The title claims that cultured landscape in our postindustrial country is allegorical to artificial wilderness we may witness in spacy zoo compounds. How has the cultural landscape developed and what do we expect of it? Why do we want landscape to look the way it looks?

A mapped route has been created for the excursion.