Critical Mass (Hapax Legomena III)

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Werkleitz Anniversary Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden
Critical Mass (Hapax Legomena III)
US 1971
Critical Mass, 1971, © Hollis Frampton. Arsenal Berlin

This film exposes the social matrix of intimate relation conflicts. “A specter is haunting the cinema: the specter of narrative. If that apparition is an Angel, we must embrace it; and if it is a Devil, then we must cast it out. But we cannot know what it is until we have met it face to face.” (Hollis Frampton)

„There are staccato-like repetitions, image and sound are severed to the point of being entirely blocked out, lending an alien appearance to a quarrel unfolding according to typical gender patterns.“ (ÜaPh)


16mm, 24 min