Common Property Party / DJs

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6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut
Common Property Party / DJs
1. 9. to 5. 9. 2004

BIGBORK & BEATNIK (2turn / Halle) feat. MC Amon (Cuba Crew / Leipzig)

The fusion of different styles of club music can indeed be regarded as the home base of DJs Bigbork & Beatnik from Halle. For close to five years, the two residents of ‹clubzone› mixed the monthly ration of progressive radio ear-food on MDR Sputnik. Their fondness of extraordinary tracks characterises their unique style that combines jazz, soul, funk, downtempo, breakbeats, drum’n’bass, and house beats, and has become the trade mark of popular club nights such as ‹OPERA›. Recently, MC ‹No.1› Amon has been supporting them on the mike to invigorate the crowd.

  • Tanzklub, 01.09.2004, 20:00


attn. Mrs Gehrt
Goethestr. 49
D-80336 Munich
Ref: card file no. 9860701

Dear Mrs Gehrt,
I hereby send you an ‹Individual Science Registration› along with the request to take it into account for the distribution of royalties for publications in 2005. I also ask you to please send me additional standard forms, the green forms for the ‹Special Distribution of Library Royalties›, and an information leaflet (Registration Guidelines) on this special distribution.
I hope the information I have given is sufficient and thank you for your efforts.


group theory started as a symbolic political experiment and is today an apron for texts, parties, art projects, games, and signatures. This announced itself for the first time in the exhibition “missing fields” (Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel) of the ‘Museum Werdender Kunst’

  • Tanzklub, 02.09.2004, 22:00


Aguirre and Ersatz stage turntables battles over the craziest cover versions. And everyone has the chance of winning the evening’s repertoire. Who knows the original versions? If all bets are correct, the winners get to take the freshly burnt CD home.

  • Tanzklub, 02.09.2004, 24:00


DJ Ersatz first performed from inside a wall cupboard, found a companion there, and thereafter toured the ether, different surestreams and semi-clubs as ‹trax tv.›, a collaboration which got lost somehow on its way to marginal fame and from that point on was only seen occasionally, using different ersatz names then. Still, as yesteryear, some house should work out quite right for these early morning hours.

  • Tanzklub, 03.09.2004, 2:00


“The nicest things in life are the breaks. This was already true at school, and later – please come along to the present. The club Chaiselounge originated from the desire to find something of one’s own in cultural nightlife, as a place of possibilities. And as a temporary zone that is energised by the play of perception and the participants’ wish to get involved. Installations with more or less technology in an interplay with bass and light, and a choice programme in a 14-day rhythm. This is how the venue functions -authentically, in an attempt to combine what the definition of exhibition and party entails. That’s club culture.” During the festival days ‹Common Chaiselongue› will run a bar and a club on the first floor of the Volkspark. DJs of the Chaiselongue programme are among others: construct, tadpole, zapotek, discounke

  • common chaiselongue, 03.09.2004, 22:00


Recently Leipzig based DJ and producer Marlow initiated a new project. The concept is simple: a sampler, two turntables, a mixer, effects, drums, percussions and singing. Performances with Karoline Körbel (dr / perc) and Claudia Nehls (voc) are a mixture of a DJ set, own productions and improvisations. With Marlow and Karoline Körbel coming to Halle as the ‹smaller crew› (DJ and percussions), the audience can expect an evening of electronic music that blends jazz, house and funk. DJ since 1994, style various electronic sounds, from jazz over house till groovy techno-house; house, deep house, minimal electronic and tech-house.

  • Tanzklub, 03.09.2004, 24:00


Shapemod, known as a member of Berlin based Terranova, is a DJ nightlife in Berlin can no longer be imagined without. The sets of the bootlegger and longstanding admirer of bastard pop are meanwhile legendary; on radio Web sites, the downloads of recordings of his ‹Urban Brew radio sessions› are record-breaking. Although it is difficult to describe the style of this internationally operating DJ, one could perhaps call it electro-freestyle-punk. One thing is for sure: Shapemod rocks – everywhere! Ch-Check it out!

  • common chaiselongue, 04.09.20014, 22:00


Shir Khan is constantly searching for genre-fusing sounds. He plays with the clash of musical clichés. «Highly sensitive kitsch» is what this is: a punk song by the ‹Stooges› fades into a Miami Bass track by ‹DJ Assault›, crossed with Harry Belafonte’s ‹Banana Boat›, who suddenly sounds like ‹Missy Elliot›. Shir Khan has just released his mix CD ‹Copyright Candies› – ‹Best of Bastard Pop›. His bootlegs, in which he mixes ‹Peaches› with the ‹Rolling Stones›, are extremely popular around the world. «The best bootlegs are like car accidents – usually horrible, but also strangely fascinating.»


One heart, one bass, 12 volts! Slender Whiteman travels with a portable micro dub soundsystem – laptop, keyboard, midi controller, amplifier, loudspeaker, battery and a solar panel. The soundsystem is a custom made unit which needs no extra power other than the sun and Jah. «An important part of the project was the attempt to bring music in public places which the commercial media doesn’t play. I think the mainstream media totally underestimates people’s tastes in music. So I find it sad that even the majority of (professional) buskers play only Beatles and Oasis. I perform my own tracks which are influenced by many genres like Dub, Glitch, Electro, Punk Rock, Bastard Pop and I also played recorded music by people which for me are total Pop Stars (this is meant as a compliment) like Pole, Hey O Hanson, Schlammpeitziger, Toots and the Maytals, Farben and Akufen…» Born 12.10.1970 in Bad Soden geboren. 1993-1997 Studies in Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art. 2000-2001 Studies in Media Art at HfG Karlsruhe. since 2004 teacher for art and philosophy at Duncan of Jordanstone University Dundee, 2004 Participation at 50. Venice Bienial (Scotland Pavillion), lives and works in Glasgow / Scotland

  • Tanzklub, 4.09.2004, 24:00

DJane LN

Elektro Music Department, tags: Gigolo Records, disko b, Ultraschall

  • Tanzklub, 4.09.2004, 24:00


DJ Aguirre can rightly call himself the ‹house and court DJ› of the Werkleitz Gesellschaft. In terms of style, the programme of the Farewell Party will be oriented along the lines of the Culture Copy Section of the biennial. So one can expect a lot of world beats and grooves, cover versions of well-known pop songs from Bengali masala kitchens, African rhythms vs. electronic klezmer, French chansons and remixed Argentine tango. Peter Zorn, born in 1967 in Traunstein, 1990 - 95 studies of free art in the film class of the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig with Prof. Birgit Hein. Co-founder and since then chairman of the board of the Werkleitz Gesellschaft, in the managing committee of the 1st to 4th Werkleitz Biennale, member of the board of trustees of the 6th Werkleitz Biennale, since 1995 coordinator of the European Media Artists in Residence Exchange (EMARE) Programmes, lives and works as a freelance filmmaker, curator and media scientist in Werkleitz and Halle.

  • common chaiselongue, 05.09.20014, 22:00