Champ des Possibles

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON

Parent Event

Champ des Possibles
CA 2015
©Cristina Picchi

Champ des Possibles is a contemporary city symphony where floating memories blend with urban sounds and natural elements, where tales of loss and love are mirrored by the demolition and construction of new buildings, where birth and death stand next to each other, like the darkest hour of the night and the first light of the day, where the net of the streets holds tight all the possibilities that life might unfold.



HD-video, colour, sound, 14min

Writer, Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Cristina Picchi
Produced by: PRIM Centre Montréal, Annika Hellström – Cinenic Film, Cristina Picchi and Giorgio Giampà
Coproducer: Film Väst – Ami Ekström, Senior Executive Short Films
Music: Giorgio Giampà
Sound recording: Gustaf Berger
Sound design: David Gülich
Sound Re-recording Mixer: Gustaf Berger (Auditory)
Post Production Studio: Shoot & Post
With: Adeline, Anne, Anouck, Claude, François, Igor, Isabelle, Jean, Marie Jeanne, Noreen, Patrick, Ronald, Tony

Grant: January–April 2015, PRIM (CA)