Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut

Parent Event

Filmprogramm Schöne reiche Welt
US/DE 2003

In Chain, malls, theme parks, hotels and corporate centres worldwide are joined into a monolithic “superlandscape” that shapes and circumscribes the lives of two women. One is an executive set adrift by her corporation while studying the international theme park industry. The other is a young drifter, living and working illegally on the fringes of a shopping mall.

“Somewhere, Wal-Mart opens a new store roughly every four days and yet the actual sites of such developments often take on a strange invisibility. Their presence can begin to seem inevitable and even natural. Rather than examining such phenomena through the facts, experts, and arguments of the traditional documentary, Chain tells the stories of two women who find themselves adrift in this environment. What are their struggles, their histories and memories? What do they do when they’re alone? Chain is my first narrative feature.”
(Jem Cohen)


US/DE 2003, Video, 100 min,
OF mit dt. UT