Bites/ the gut feeling

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Werkleitz Festival 2021 move to …

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Fokus sociosphere
Bites/ the gut feeling
18. 6. to 19. 6. 2021
DE 2021

Between dis-order, it’s locus and the tempus there is a stasis: a pause in the moment of eating ready-made food.  The guts are working directly with the brain, also thinking, and when food is on the way inside of the body, especially designed for eating, starts thinking otherwise. What would we say when we try to vocalize this information we get while eating?  

In the form of seasonal and regional tasting experience, the place, time and the pause focus on the gut feeling and the guts' neuronal connections to create knowledge and to vocalize it. Looking rather known, the food is a mirror of our everyday local eating possibilities, but prepared in a way to be shared with other bodies in a common moment of eating uncommon for our times.

The food served this day is also meant to be questioned. Which means the way it is served contains hints, both literal handwritten messages and metaphorical ones, of which some are underlined by the way the food is prepared or served. The tasting experience gives the various brains of our bodies something to reflect on and eventually expects to decentralize thinking

the gut feeling is part of a larger frame of experimental data gathering about food and communication. Bites is a culinary practice and sonic research conducted by Jasmina Al-Qaisi and others. The iteration at the Werkleitz Festival 2021 is done in collaboration with the media artist Natalia Acevedo Ferreira. 

Record yourself here answering the question 
what do you think while eating?

Your voice messages are further assembled into an audio work made available to different audiences.

The tasting happens only during the opening of the Werkleitz Festival 2021.

Tasting experience by Jasmina Al-Qaisi (RO/DE) and Natalia Acevedo Ferreira (CO/DE)