Before Ghosting

Root Event

Schaufenster in die Stadt Videorama
Before Ghosting
1. 2. to 28. 2. 2017
DE 2016

Before ghosting I wouldn’t have feared this stupid whistle sound. I would’ve associated it with innovation, kindness and reliability. Before ghosting I would’ve seen possibilities. I guess I still see them now, but rather like staged ones. 

It’s like a stage for you to act on, all of you, now: Before ghosting we would’ve sneaked out through some stupid excuses about not being ready for this kind of relationship. Nowadays we can perform everything for as long as we want. As this is a stage for us to act on.

Konzept, Kamera, Schnitt, Sound: Pitt Wenninger
Cast: Svea Mausolf, Lukas Wenninger, Moritz Englebert, Anna-Lisa Högler

Folkwang Universität der Künste

Eine Kooperation mit CAMP/2 Festival für Künstlerischen Film und Performance (23.– 26. Juni 2016)
Ein Projekt des Fachgebiets Zeitbasierte Künste der Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle