Root Event

3. Werkleitz Biennale 1998 sub fiction

Parent Event

AUS 1993

Moffatt’s debut feature, is inspired by ghost stories she heard as a child from both her extended Aboriginal and Irish Australian families. She has constructed a sublime trilogy in which characters are haunted by the past and bewitched by memories. All three stories are set in Moffatt’s high stylized, hyper-real, hyper-imaginary Australian landscape.

Tracey Moffatt (AUS), 35mm, 90 min, 1993
Regie/Director: Tracey Moffatt; Produzenten/Producers: Anthony Buckley, Carol Hughes
Screenplay: Tracey Moffatt; Kamera/Cinematography: Geoff Burton
Schnitt/Editing: Wayne Le Clos; Production Design: Stephen Curtis; Ton/Sound: David Lee
Musik/Music: Carl Vine; Darsteller/Cast: Diana Davidson, Jack Charles, Tracey Moffatt,
Auriel Andrews, Lex Marinos, Pauline McLeod