Against Gentrification (conceptual dj set)

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Werkleitz Festival 2017 Nicht mehr, noch nicht

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Against Gentrification (conceptual dj set)
21. 10. 2017
DE 2017
Against Gentrification (konzeptuelles DJ Set)
© Ina Wudtke
Ina Wudtke, Eröffnung Werkleitz Festival 2017
© Foto Falk Wenzel

T-INA Darling is artist Ina Wudtke’s dj alter ego. Her conceptual dj set Against Gentrification deals with the displacements of low income tenants from the city centers. In 2011 she dedicated an album to this subject with the title The Fine Art Of Living. Since then she collects tracks of the Afro-Atlantic sound tradition (jazz, blues, hip hop, dancehall) with lyrics about rising rents, displacements, mean landlords, evictions and combines them with her own productions. The title song of her album is also the soundtrack of her video Swing Lesson which is on show of this year’s Werkleitz Festival exhibition.

Swing Lesson, DE 2017, Video, 5 min